Business Compliance

Do you feel that meeting your Business Compliance Obligations is an uphill battle?

When you run a small business trying to keep on top of all your compliance obligations can be a challenge.

In the hectic world of running a small or medium business, knowing due dates, what is required and ensuring deadlines are met, can be the stuff of nightmares!  

At Financial Accounting Solutions, we help our clients ensure they meet their business compliance obligations with a minimum of fuss – this frees up “headspace’ to focus on more important activities like growing your business!

Business Compliance – key dates

BAS Returns

  • Monthly BAS Returns – due 21st of following month
  • Quarterly BAS Returns – due 28th in following month (if lodged by Financial Accounting Solutions you will receive another four week extension)

Payroll Tax

  • Monthly – due around 7th of the following month
  • Annual – due by 21st July

Superannuation Guarantee

  • Quarter 1 – 28th October
  • Quarter 2 – 28th January
  • Quarter 4 – 28th April
  • Quarter 4 – 30th June if want to claim deduction in current year
    28th July if deduction not claimed in same year

End of Year Payroll

  • PAYG Summaries to Employees – 14th July
  • PAYG Summaries to ATO – 14th August

TPAR – Taxable Payments Annual Report

  • For businesses in the Building and Construction Industry – 28th August

Take control of your Business Compliance

Compliance is not something any business owner can afford to take lightly – yet it also shouldn’t be something that causes sleepless nights!

At Financial Accounting Solutions we can assist you to stay on top of all your compliance obligations – if you want to ensure all your business compliance obligations are met, let us do the heavy lifting and give the team a call today on 9885 7353.

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